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Giving Back to Colorado

We love Colorado. It gives us 100% of the ingredients we use in our beer and, in our humble opinion, its one of the best places to call home.

Because of that, we want to be able to give back to the communities and landscape that make Colorado the grand state it is.

To learn more about what we are doing through our Brew Crew with tree saplings to help regrow Colorado, click here. We also have a set of partners that we help out in any way we can. If you want to learn more about them and what they are doing for the communities within Colorado, visit our Partners page. You can also find out more about how you can get involved.

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Thanks for thinking of Colorado Native.

We are a very small Colorado-only brewery that depends primarily on word of mouth, social media, and our partners to promote our beers. We do not give grants or other forms of cash. We have, in the past, tried to help everyone or every organization that asked. We’ve realized that it’s time to provide some focus to our charitable efforts. So now, when we evaluate a charity event we look for a partnership, rather than just an opportunity to donate beer. We are less interested in sponsoring one-off events or in providing beer when our competitors’ beers are there as well; instead, we are looking for long-term partners who see value in our mutual growth and support.

If a long-term partnership is not available of feasible, we do offer a “buy one, get one” option on Colorado Native Lagers. This is a simple program. The 501(c) buys a quantity of Colorado Native, brings the receipt to the brewery and we will match the purchase. This program is designed to support those non-profits that support us.

Some things that are important to us are:

  • What is the annual plan for the partnership? How many events and what level of attendance is anticipated.
  • Will we be the only beer featured (other than MillerCoors beers) at all events? Mandatory
  • Is the partner located in Colorado or for the benefit of Colorado exclusively?  Mandatory
  • Will the opportunity reach legal-age beer drinkers in Colorado? Mandatory
  • In return for us donating beer or other valuables, how will the partner help us promote our beers?

This includes things like:

  • Electronic media (TV, Radio, etc.)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Newspaper
  • Highway billboards
  • Banners on site
  • Brand identified cups
  • Etc.

In return, we can provide beer, signage, and promotion among our loyal drinkers (Colorado Native Brew Crew) and in our social media, and other things depending on the scope of the opportunity.

In short, we are looking for charitable organizations and causes who can truly partner with us versus opportunities where we’ll be just one of many beers.

We know that not all events can offer this kind of partnership.  Please let us know if yours can! You can email us at or send a letter to:

AC Golden Brewing Company
PO Box 4030 – BC530
Golden, CO  80401

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